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Specialists in German Notes of all kinds and dealers in world banknotes and coins.

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Aspinall Banknotes has been trading in banknotes of all kinds for over 20 years.

I buy and sell to and from countries all over the world. I am based in Bavaria in Southern Germany so naturally German notes are my main interest. I am always looking to buy fresh stock of all kinds. From a single note to collections and bulk lots.
I have seen of late many people trying to sell German and other notes for highly inflated prices on a certain world wide auction site which really infuriates me as they are either ignorant of the real value or trying to rip people off. These people are not doing the hobby of collecting notes any favours. So I´ve decided to build my website again with the sole purpose of giving collectors the chance to collect notes at a sensible price and a price of what the note is actually worth.
So when you visit my site I want you to be able to actually collect without the chance of being taken for a ride. Many notes on my site start for as little as one euro and run to many euros for more seldom seen notes. So there is something for everyone´s pocket.
Stocking of all the shop categories will take many, many months to complete, so please have patience with me as I literally have thousands and thousands of notes. I also work part time in another job which takes me away from time to time so if I don´t respond for a day or two that will be the reason.
So I think that about covers things if you have any questions please contact me and I will try my best to get back to you ASAP

Many thanks and happy collecting.
Shaun Aspinall

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